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Meet the face behind the posts

So I'm Sam - a very proud mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and teacher.  It's interesting how your identity changes as you grow older -  7 years ago I had only just become a wife, 6 years ago I was preparing myself to become a mother.  With each of these new and improved 'versions' of myself I have done my best to embrace my new role, mostly with a smile, a positive attitude and strong faith in God.   But the past few years have been sobering - testing my positive attitude, questioning my faith in God and - on the really tough days - stifling my smile.   Why? Because one of those titles, perhaps my most important, has been forever altered (as if a little asterix has been inserted next to it 'proud mother*').  I am still a very proud mother, in fact prouder than I have ever been - I am the proud mother of five beautiful children, four whom I have the joy of holding in my arms and one who I will forever hold in my heart, my dreams, and my memories.


My husband Rich is a charming Irishman who won my heart 9 years ago - he has always amazed me with his drive and motivation.  Because of him we have a beautiful home and I have been able to spend these early years at home with our kids. My son Tiarnán is about to turn 6, he is sensitive, intelligent and cheeky - and so very proud of his first year in primary school. It has been so wonderful to see him bloom.  Maeve will turn 4 early in the new year.  She is an adorable little character who brings so much joy to our days - the perfect mix of sweetness and spunk.  Clodagh is almost 2 years old, she is  my bluey-green eyed (the others all have dark brown), petite, little pocket rocket - full of mischief and attitude.  She is the surviving twin to our perfectly imperfect angel, Nora.  Born three months early, our twins started life in the NICU - but Nora had some complex birth defects that made her start particularly challenging.  She spent almost 7 months in hospital, our little warrior, always amazing us and her medical team with her fighting spirit and her ability to overcome so many obstacles.  She grew her wings in December 2019, a few days before Christmas.  We recently welcomed our fifth child into our family, a sweet little boy, Finnian, who we believe was handpicked for earth by his big sister in heaven. While Finnian will be the final addition to our family, you will come to understand from this blog how our family will never truly be complete without our precious Nora.  

Sticky fingers & butterfly kisses is  a place to share my journey of motherhood after loss - the 'sticky fingers' belong to the now four  monkeys who get me out of bed every morning and the 'butterfly kisses' are our Nora - the moments of her that gently grace our day with love, joy and sorrow.  I hope in sharing our story and my thoughts and  experiences in my beautifully burdened role as 'proud mother to an angel', I might provide a  gentle place for others who walk this road beside me and find some healing of my own along the way. 


Welcome xx

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